It was last night I was at home doing nothing, as my wife and kids were at their grandparent’s home and I was getting real bored. Then suddenly it came to my mind that I have got this new neighbor, to which I haven’t get the introduction yet. So I went to him and he seemed like a nice white collar job and it felt to me that he would be working in some real estate industry or something.

And when I went in, he was busy with his mobile phone. Anyways he put it aside, but I couldn’t stop myself from asking him that what he was doing with so much interest. There he told me this whole new world of online pokies. As I was already getting bored at home so I took some interest and begged him to make me understand this whole industry. I asked so that I could play it as well, especially when I have nothing to do.
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So he started telling me about this slot machine he was playing at that time. Its name was Cashapillar, it kind of based on a caterpillar, when you have to win the bonus after bonus to make a string of money like the caterpillar does. So I took the free play of the slot game, and he told me that it can be played with the help of free spins on many popular online casinos like betway and others.

Since it is quite a popular game, it can be found pretty easily on the web with so many features like no deposit bonus, no registration and no download. I played the same with free spin and had a really good time. And for that I’ll be always thankful to my new neighbor for introducing me to it.