I believe playing classic slot games is the best thing you can get from the gambling world. Certainly there are many modern slots as well, but in my opinion the joy of playing the classic slots is the ultimate one and can’t be replaced with the new ones. I still remember the time when I was college and me, with all my friends used to go to the land based casinos and had a really great time.

Yes, you can certainly call me an orthodox, obnoxious player, but the thing is I never really liked the new slots over the classic ones. it has always been hard for me to switch form classic to modern slots. Well, when it comes to classic pokies, my most favorite was the Cherry Red. As the name indicates it was based on the striking red color of cherries and the wild symbols was undoubtedly cherry.
Watch this video for more information:

The thrill and excitement of playing this slot machine was nothing less the than driving the modern Ferrari. And the crystal sparks on the cherry symbols used to give glow at the player’s face each time he wins the game. I couldn’t really describe the fun we used to have at that time with friends and beer in the hands. It really was a deadly compound of fun and finance.

And this last night, I thought of cheering those old times, so I invited some old friends at my place and had a great time together. At first we had the starters with classic old champagne and talked like a chatterbox as we were meeting after a long time. After that we played the same old slot machine and hit some bonus as well, It was really playing this pokie after such a long time. It’s really is the classic!