Due to the great technological progress that has occurred in the world and, above all, in computer games, research has been done to take the step and thus formalize the generation of random numbers that are used to simulate random events.

This occurs because there is an interaction between the player and the platform created by the trained personnel and, in this way, by having a very eventual sequence the codes are generated.

These codes can be located in the chips of processors that are used in slot machines and video games very well worked, this being an example of how it is generated; but for online games, they maintain a special routine because they are generated randomly by other processes.

The way in which these processors of random number generators work, is a continuous work, motivated to that they are constantly creating codes for the use of the games and that, for the most part, and these codes are ignored by the players.

The way in which these number generators react is through software that sends a signal to a specific area called ‘registration’ and when it is verified, a special software generates the code that is needed.

In this way, when the sequence of numbers is activated, the random numbers are repeated and the game through different combinations throws a random number that has a real value.

It is possible that situations arise in which the random number generator can be interrupted in some slot machines, giving the option to stop the whole process.

This has caused controversy and strong debates among users of online games because they ask for an explanation of how this option works.

Even, the theory has been reached that when clicking on spin, the slot machine will determine the procedure, based on a single number as well as the prize, followed by any other number that the game itself uses to give the final score.

On the other hand, there are machines where the player has the authority to affect the outcome of the game. If the game were to be in a rotating slot machine, you can know that, in this case, the player has an advantage because he can clearly see on the reels the figures that appear and thus be able to give him the desired line, to achieve get the payment.

If the player presses the stop button, this action will happen instantly the figure he has been observing and, thus, the game allows him to alter the sequence of events.

But in most cases, it happens differently. The player presses the stop button and what happens is that the figure keeps advancing and stops in a totally different position than the desired one.

Then, you get as a result that the ‘stop’ button causes discomfort to the players, who really want to develop a skill for slot games.

There are very few games that allow this action, although there are slots machines that maintain a direct interaction with the players causing the desired effect, although you do not have the possibility of having a bonus.

In fact, there are very few games that allow this type of reactions and very rarely, these machines have the arrow to play as if it were an arcade game.

It is very important to note that the interaction of arcade-style games is very little used in slot machines and this is because the designers and programmers of slot machine games have to make sure that each of their games has a return to the game. The player in the form of a percentage.

It should be noted that this percentage does not offer the guarantee of a return in any turn, either individually or during any session. So the case may come, where hours and hours of games are invested and all the money is lost, as may be the case where the prize is obtained when playing in the first game of slots.

Thus coming to the conclusion that the result of any turn in a slot machine, is completely random results and unpredictable nature. The percentage of return to the player is an estimated calculation, for the average payment of the days, weeks, months and years.

This is because a lot of people deposit their money in the slot machines. Each of the programmers can adjust the percentage that the player receives from the slot machine and, in some cases, the owners of the game can choose between the different levels that are already pre-programmed on the machine.

It has also been heard that several players of these slot machines, on different occasions have declared that there are machines that have a much higher percentage of return than others.

In this case, the percentage of profit depends a lot on where you are. There are casinos that offer different percentages in their slot machines, it is well known that at the beginning of the installation of the machine the percentage is high, but, over time that percentage decreases.

It can also be noted that in some casinos when slot machine tournaments are held, they adjust and offer more percentage of profit, due to a previous payment to be able to enter the tournament of the machines.

In the same way, the online slot machine games follow these rules and even become more strict, because they must follow more laws and be in a tough test with legal authorities, to guarantee that the game that is going to publish is not a scam and is located in the parameters considered for a fair and honest game and not a farce or swindle. At the same time that they create machines in physics, slot machines are programmed in lines in this same way.

In general, an online slot machine game mentions the percentage of gain (RTP) values, located between 93% and 98%. This being the standard range, although the community is exhorted not to trust this data completely, because the values ​​are provided by the programmers of the game and, in many cases, they do not reveal the real value of the percentage of profit.

It is also recalled that each of the online games that are on the internet, including their casinos and online slot machines have a different designer, so they do not work the same, do not exercise the same percentage and there is no agreement on the internet to know what is the true percentage range. For this reason, caution is advised with the slot machines that are on the web.

Because even though the percentage of profit is high, it is very easy to lose all the money. Therefore, it is always recommended and warned every player that he must have a wise management of the money he owns, because bad management and administration can cause a much bigger loss and more in a random game, where the chances of winning They do not depend on the player but on the numbers thrown by the machine.

The algorithms that are used in the machines generate, as many winning numbers as losing numbers and these number sequences are not altered by the configuration of the machine. In this case, two things happen, the first, you cannot predict if you win or lose, and the second derives from the first by not predicting that no game strategy guarantees success.